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Did that statement give you HOPE?

If it did, the seed has been planted and you have already started growing the roots needed for Long-Term Recovery. We believe that Recovery grows from Hope....we define hope as the belief that Long-Term Recovery is real! And, by the way, it is real and it is attainable by anyone!!! Just as Substance Use Disorder (otherwise known as alcoholism and addiction) does not discriminate, neither does long-term recovery. In fact, it is your decision if you want to become a person in Long-Term Recovery or continue living ... well, the way you are.

The courage it took to come to our site is commendable whether you are seeking help for yourself, family member, friend or employee/co-worker and, whether you know it or not, proves that you have hope. Our goal at Roots Recovery Solutions is to help you find treatment that will lead to beginning a life in long-term recovery and a life that is free from substance use disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction or even harmful or hazardous use. We will also help with communication to the alcoholic/addict if he or she is hesitant to get help (please see our

Substance use disorder, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence....drug abuse, addiction, drug dependence, and even harmful and hazardous use of alcohol and/or drugs, is difficult for everyone involved...the alcoholic or addict, family, friends, even employers and co-workers suffer the effects of alcoholism/addiction. Roots Recovery Solutions is at the forefront of treatment options! We work with some of the top treatment facilities that suit the needs (and the wants) of each individual we work with. We all have the same goal for you, a life in long-term-recovery, NOT temporary abstinence.

The number of
treatment options available IS overwhelming! Do you need a Detox? In-Patient or Out-Patient?  THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN AND WILL DO THE WORK FOR YOU. There are thousands upon thousands of options available. We have access to some of the top treatment facilities of all kinds, different approaches to treatment, etc. There is an option for every individual, no matter what walk in life you are from. The process is simple: We ask a few questions, you answer; we will make an initial assessment and find you the best possible treatment that suits your needs. BUT, that is not the end of it. We will be available to you from that moment on.   Your personal "coach" will be available to you 24/7 to help you in your recovery.  He or she will help you with treatment options right down to a sober living community when you complete your treatment plan.  We follow-up with you periodically and help you in your recovery.